Postir’s laser cutting and punching operations are characterised by automated production, time savings and high efficiency.

Sheet metal cutting and processing operations are carried out by Postir using both laser cutting and punching machines.

Fibre laser cutting on metals is characterised by a very high degree of precision compared to Co2 laser cutting. In fact, the laser beam is very fine and its width is very narrow, which results in a high degree of precision that, combined with the very high speed of the linear motors, makes it possible to produce objects with very accurate and precise finishes.

The laser beam is very important because the finer the laser spot is, the more precise the cut. This aspect, combined with linear motor technology, results in incredible achievements.

The sheet metal punching machine allows sheet metal sheets of various thicknesses to be processed with remarkable precision. The punching machine has the ability to cut, punch and shape sheets using a punch and die similar to a press.

With Postir’s computer numerical punching (CNC), the sheet metal working process is driven by an externally controlled computer numerical control process.

Postir’s laser cutting and punching operations are also complemented by all the necessary welding, bending and verging operations carried out at the same site, allowing the customer to obtain the complete product from a single source.